Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working Visit by YM Dato Raja Azahar, Deputy Secretary General Ministry of Home Affairs to PJ JPN Office

Dato Raja Azahar togther with community leaders at JPN-PJ

The Deputy Secretary General arrived at 11am to the Federal government building in New Town PJ on Feb 24, 2011 (Thursday). It is now five days into the ‘My daftar campaign’. PJ office has been very busy as the Petaling district covers a wider area and many Indians are residing here especially in low cost- high rise flats.

Mr Padma of Lembah Subang presenting a souvenir to Dato Raja
 Before Dato Raja Azahar entered the JPN building he was greeted by Lembah Subang community leader and residents who had come in two buses to make their submissions. The Selangor MIC has organized the bus as well as a commissioner of oath to certify many of the documents prior to their submission at JPN today.

During the course of his working visit and press conference Dato Raja Azahar said that he made this special effort to give moral support to JPN officers who have been hard at work and also have ground knowledge of the developments and issues. He acknowledged that JPN officers are playing an very important role in assisting the people.

In addition he acknowledged that a good feature of this campaign was the role played by political parties, voluntary and religious organisations. This he saw personally when he spoke to the people from Lembah Subang who had come to make their submissions

Dato Raja Azahar recognized that one of the major problems in the community is the lack of awareness among the poorer sections of the Indian community in ensuring that they secure the necessary documents. Citizenship documents are of utmost importance to ensure that ordinary people can exercise the citizenship rights and responsibilities.

He admitted that while the My daftar has brought to public light the documentation issues, however there is lots more work to be done to ensure that in the processing period the applicants fulfill all the basic requirements and secures supporting documents. He noted that in some cases this might be difficult and therefore on a case by case basic Putrajaya could review the applications.

Dato reviewing some files with JPN Selangor Director Tuan Hj Mustapaha
He also recognized that in the post campaign period and in order to strengthen the solving the cases, contract officers may need to be appointed. He added that the Taskforce could request the Federal government for addition funds to try and resolve all cases within this year. Some of the retired JPN officers could be recruited to assist in this process.

Also present were PM’s special Indian officer Datuk Ravin Ponniah, MIC Selangor Deputy Chairman Dato Gopalkrishan, MIC Selangor co ordinator Mr Siva Subramaniam and Taskforce secretary, Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria

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